2009 BMW 328i Oil Type Recommended By BMW

2008 bmw 328i oil capacity

Changing the oil on your 2009 BMW 328i is a very crucial step to maintain your BMW’s engine reliability as well as increasing its efficiency. So you should change the oil at regular intervals with the recommended oil type.

As the cost of maintenance is rising, it would be very cost-effective to DIY the oil change. And if you want to DIY the oil change then you should know the basic oil changing things like the recommended oil type, oil capacity, etc.

There are various viscosity (grade) oils available from different brands, and it is necessary to know which type of oil is recommended by BMW.

So, let’s delve right into it.

2009 BMW 328i Oil Type

BMW recommends a specific type of oil for the 2009 328i, which is best suited for the engine to run at its peak performance. BMW recommends using SAE 5W-30 synthetic oil for your 2009 BMW 328i.

The 5W-30 oil provides better protection for your engine’s inner components and also it tends to last longer. BMW also recommends Castrol brand engine oil.

They always suggest using synthetic oil, because it’s much more efficient for your engine. BMW also approves different viscosities for your vehicle like the 0W-40, 0W-30, and 5W-40 classes. You could also check your BMW owner’s manual for the exact oil type.

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Many people also use conventional oil on their BMW, but it’s not good for the engine. Let’s see the difference between conventional & synthetic oil.

Conventional Oil vs Synthetic Oil

Conventional oil is cheap and is mostly suitable for low-performance vehicles. This oil is sourced directly from the crude oil in the ground, which is not well processed for high-performance engines like the BMW. Under extreme conditions, this oil breaks down very easily, resulting in frequent oil changes.

Synthetic oil is chemically processed for high-performance engines, which provides superior lubrication & protection to the engine. This oil is pretty stable in extreme weather & driving conditions, which results in long-lasting & less frequent oil changes.

Synthetic oil might be more expensive than conventional oil but conventional oil needs frequent oil changes which balance out the synthetic oil cost.

2009 BMW 328i Oil Capacity

2009 bmw 328i oil type

Now you know the recommended oil for your 2009 BMW 328i, and you need to know the oil capacity of your BMW. Because overfilling the oil can be as bad as low engine oil, so you’ll need to maintain an appropriate oil level.

With a filter, the 2009 BMW 328i has an oil capacity of 6.9 US quarts or 6.5-6.6 liters.

So, always try to maintain this level of engine oil, for better efficiency of the oil. And never overfill the oil, it can cause oil leakage, burning oil, and much more severe engine damage.

So, always check the electronic dipstick to maintain the recommended oil capacity.

How Often Does The 2009 BMW 328i Need An Oil Change?

You should change the oil on your 2009 328i every 7,500-10,000 miles or once a year (whichever comes first) according to BMW.

However, I would recommend changing the oil every 5,000 miles or every 6 months whichever comes first. Because the oil changing intervals depend on various things like your local weather temperature, daily driving habits, driving conditions, etc.

So, it’s always better to change the oil every 5,000 miles, which keeps the efficiency of the oil to let the engine work smoothly & maintain its reliability.

Changing the oil on your own is pretty simple, and it can be a starting point for your DIY journey. And there isn’t much you could mess up, so simply follow my step-by-step guide on oil change and DIY the oil change. For the step-by-step guide, visit here: How To Change Oil On A BMW 328i: A Complete Guide

Symptoms For Urgent Oil Change

If you don’t do the oil change a regular intervals, your car will show some symptoms of an urgent oil change. This happens many times when you live in an extreme weather condition or have extreme driving conditions.

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So, if you get any of these symptoms change the oil as soon as possible.

  • Dark brown or dirty oil instead of amber golden color.
  • Decreased performance and poor fuel economy.
  • Burning oil smell from the engine.
  • Oil warning light.
  • Low oil level.
  • Smoke from the exhaust.
  • Engine overheating.

If you notice any of the above symptoms it’s better to get your oil change. Otherwise, it could result in the engine not running without proper lubrication. Which can be very dangerous for the engine’s internal components, as they are more prone to damage.


Now you know everything about your 2009 BMW 328i, and I hope with the DIY guide you can easily change the oil on your own.

With the increasing BMW oil changing cost, it’s better to DIY the oil change. It just takes 30 minutes of your time, and you could save the labor cost, and the saved money can be spent on premium brand engine oil or other components.

So, best of luck with your BMW DIY journey.


What kind of oil does a 2009 BMW 328i take?

The 2009 BMW 328i takes BMW LL-01-approved SAE 5W-30 synthetic oil. This is the most suitable engine oil for your particular BMW model.

How long can a BMW 328i go without an oil change?

The BMW 328i can go around 10,000 miles before you start to notice symptoms of low engine oil. Some cars show the signs as early as 5,000-7,500 miles depending on the weather conditions, driving conditions, etc.

2009 bmw 328i oil type and capacity?

The 2009 BMW 328i uses the 5W-30synthetic engine oil, which has an oil capacity of around 6.9 US quarts or 6.5-6.6 liters with a filter.

2009 bmw 328i oil dipstick location?

The 2009 BMW 328i doesn’t have a physical dipstick, it comes with an electronic dipstick, which can be accessed through BMW’s iDrive dashboard. Basically post 2006 BMW’s come equipped with electronic dipstick.

The 2009 bmw 328i oil drain plug location?

The oil drain plug in the 2009 BMW 328i is located under the car, on the front side of the car. Where a cover should hide the oil drain plug, that has a small plastic lock. If you get confused, check your BMW owner’s manual.

Where Is the 2009 bmw 328i oil filter location?

The 2009 BMW 328i oil filter is situated on the right side of the engine bay, right in front of the engine intake manifold. You can also check your BMW’s owner’s manual.

How many quarts of oil does a 2009 bmw 328i take?

The 2009 BMW 328i takes about 6.9 US quarts (6.5-6.6 ltr.) of engine oil.

How to check oil level on 2009 bmw 328i?

Simply navigate the iDrive dashboard to find out the electronic dipstick. You can find more details on engine oil on the dashboard, you can see the oil level on the dipstick, check the interval date, set the next interval, etc.

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