2010 BMW 328i Oil Change DIY Guide (Complete Process)

2010 BMW 328i Oil Change

So, if you own a 2010 BMW 328i then you probably know the importance of proper maintenance on your vehicle. If you do proper maintenance on you’re BMW you’ll work very smoothly & efficiently.

One of the important maintenance is regular oil changes, which maintains the reliability & longevity of the engine. If you don’t do proper oil changes the result can be very catastrophic for your BMW engine. Which could result in a severely damaged engine costing you thousands in repair.

So, it’s always better to change the oil at the recommended intervals. However the oil changes on BMW can be very expensive, and to decrease the cost best way is to DIY the oil change.

The oil change on your 2010 BMW 328i is one of the easiest & beginner DIYs you could possibly perform. So, simply follow the step-by-step DIY guide and DIY the oil change.

So, let’s delve right into it.

Step By Step Process Of 2010 BMW 328i Oil Change

Before starting the oil change, you’ll need some supplies & tools which you need to gather. Also, I’m gonna add oil filter changing because it is an important step of the oil-changing process.

Supplies & Parts Needed:

  • 6.9 quarts of 5W-30 synthetic engine oil
  • Oil filter kit
  • Jack and Jack stands
  • 17mm socket wrench
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Oil drain pan (10 ltr. capacity)
  • Funnel
  • Shop towels
  • Safety glasses & gloves

So, after gathering all the tools let’s start the process. And remember to wear safety glasses & gloves for your protection.

Let’s start now.

1. Set Your Car

Before lifting your car start your car for 10-15 minutes to let the engine oil reach the operating temperature. The warm oil drains easily with any particles in it.

Now lift your car using a hydraulic jack and with two jack stands safely balance the car.

2. Loose The Oil Filler Cap & Oil Filter Cap

By loosing up the cap the oil drains much faster and easily.

So, first, pop up the hood, and with the oil filter wrench loose the oil filter cap. Then locate the oil filler cap, which should be above the engine. Loose the oil filler cap by rotating it counterclockwise.

If you have a problem locating any of them simply check your vehicle’s owner manual.

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3. Locate The Oil Drain Plug

Now with the 17mm socket wrench, drain pan & flathead go underneath your vehicle. Then locate the oil drain plug, which should be under a cover.

Now use the flathead to spin the plastic lock 180° & the cover will open up.

Under the cover, you can access the drain plug.

4. Drain The Oil

First, keep the drain pan right under the drain plug. Then use the 17mm socket wrench to unscrew the drain plug and the oil will drain right into the drain pan.

Remember the oil must be hot, so be careful while unscrewing the plug, and don’t let the oil fall into your hands.

The oil should be drained under 4-6 minutes. While the oil is draining you should clean the drain plug and change the drain plug washer with a new washer you’ll get from the oil filter kit.

5. Change The Oil Filter & O-Rings

Now pop up the hood and use the oil filter wrench to open the oil filter cap & take out the oil filter carefully without spilling any oil. To prevent any oil spilling on the engine, you should wrap shop towels or paper towels around the oil filter area.

Now remove the oil filter from the housing cap stand, by pulling it out.

Then you’ll see two O-rings, one small green and a big one on the cap. You will also get two of these O-rings from the oil filter kit to replace them.

Use a pick tool to remove the green one and replace it with a new one. Then similarly remove the big O-ring from the cap (this one can be tricky) carefully, putting on too much pressure can damage the cap. Then also replace it with the new one.

After installing new O-rings rub some oil on them for lubrication. Also, install the new oil filter by pushing it into the cap stand, similarly to the removed one.

6. Close The Oil Filter & Drain Plug

Now close the drain plug with a new washer, and screw it with the 17mm wrench. And remember do not put too much pressure it could cut the screw threads. So, tight it as much it needed, and don’t overdo it (or underdo it).

Then close the cover and lock it by rotating the plastic piece.

Put the oil filter back into its housing and tighten it with the oil filter wrench.

7. Add The Oil

2010 bmw 328i oil change

Open the oil filler cap by rotating the cap counter-clockwise and keeping the cap securely.

Now with a funnel slowly & carefully add BMW recommended SAE 5W-40 synthetic oil. Your 2010 BMW 328i has an oil capacity of 6.9 quarts (6.5-6.6ltr.).

So, add the oil slowly, because if you put less oil, you can simply add more oil. After adding some oil check the oil level from the dashboard to see if it’s on the recommended level.

Do this periodically until you reach the recommended oil level. After filling the oil to the recommended amount close the oil filler cap by rotating it clockwise.

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8. Final Inspection

First clean the oil filler area, oil filter area & drain plug area with a towel. Then start the engine for 1-2 minutes, then take the car for a short drive, it will help the new oil to circulate properly.

After the drive check for any oil leakage sign from the drain plug, or oil filter area and also check if the oil level still sits at the recommended level.

If all these things are ok, then congratulations, you’ve just done a DIY oil change on your 2010 BMW 328i.

9. Dispose The Old Oil

Now the last step is to dispose of the old oil at your nearby recycling center or any Autoshop that accepts them. Don’t just throw it away.

By giving that to Autoshop, in exchange they could offer some money, or some free services/discounted services.

In my nearby Autoshop, they give me good discounts on most of the services.


So, now you’ve done the DIY oil change on your 2010 328i, and now you know everything about your BMW oil changes.

Bmw oil changes can be pretty expensive, and to save some money you could simply DIY the oil change. So, from now on simply spend 30 minutes of the time to save the labor cost. And with that money, you could use some premium products on your BMW.

Best of luck for your DIY journey.


How often to change the oil in 2010 bmw 328i?

BMW recommends changing the oil on your 2010 BMW 328i every 7,500-10,000 miles or 12 months (whichever comes first).

2010 bmw 328i oil dipstick location?

The 2010 BMW 328i doesn’t come with a physical dipstick, it comes with an electronic dipstick which you can access through BMW’s iDrive dashboard. The post-2006ty BMWs typically come with an electronic dipstick.

How many quarts of oil does a 2010 bmw 328i take?

The 2010 BMW 328i takes about 6.9 quarts or 6.5-6.6 liters of oil with a filter.

What oil does a 2010 bmw 328i take?

The 2010 BMW 328i takes BMW-approved SAE 5W-30 synthetic engine oil.

How long can a BMW 328i go without an oil change?

The BMW 328i can go for about 10,000-15,000 miles without an oil change, then you’ll start to face many issues in your engine.

Image Credit: team-bhp forum, Youtube

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