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Welcome to the Auto MotorX Community

Welcome to AutoMotorX.com,
Your ultimate destination for everything related to BMW Automotive world.
At Auto MotorX, we're not just a blog, we're a community of passionate enthusiasts, who are bound together by the passion for the luxury automotive world.

Our Mission

At AutoMotorX.com our mission is to bring you the latest and most interesting news, reiviews, and guides from the exciting luxury automotive world. 

If you’re a petrolhead like us or just someone who is interested in luxury automobiles, especially BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, then this is the place you were looking for…


Meet Sam – The founder of Auto MotorX, your guide who is a passionate car enthusiast with years of experience in the automotive industry.

From a teenager he was very passionate about luxury sports cars, he used to attend every auto show he could just to see his favorite car brands.

After graduating he first bought his one of favorite cars the BMW E30 and still drives it after 8 years. One the way he also bought some other iconic models from BMW and Mercedes.

So, you can absolutely trust that every piece of advice, guide, and review he gives is backed by solid in-depth knowledge and years of hands-on experience.

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