What Is The 2013 BMW 328i Oil Capacity?

how to add oil to bmw 328i

If you own a 2013 BMW 328i, then you’re experiencing the thrill of driving a beast with very luxurious comfortability. And the 2013 328i is one of BMW’s most iconic cars, because of its amazing performance with a very sleek design dynamics.

And to maintain the engine capabilities you need to properly maintain your car on a regular basis. One of the common maintenance is the engine oil change which needs to be done periodically. Oil changes are very major maintenance because the clean oil lubricates the inner engine component & increases the engine efficiency. However, with time the old oil becomes inefficient in properly lubricating the engine.

However the oil changes are getting very expensive, so the best way to save some money is to DIY the oil change. To do that you need to know some things like the oil capacity of the 2013 BMW 328i.

So, let’s delve right into it.

2013 BMW 328i Oil Capacity

So, if you’ve never done a DIY oil change before and this is your first time, then let’s start with your 2013 BMW 328i oil capacity.

If you have a base model of a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder twin-turbo engine then it has a 5.3 US quarts or 5- 5.1 liters oil capacity. If you have an upgraded 328i with a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine that has an oil capacity of 6.9 US quarts or 6.5-6.6 liters.

Here never mistake the engine displacement of 2.0 liter or 3.0 liters as engine oil capacity. Because I’ve seen many beginner enthusiasts make that mistake and add the oil according to the engine displacement. Which results in less lubrication in the engine, and ultimately damages the inner components of the engine. In one particular case, a guy always changed the oil according to the displacement, which caused a blown engine.

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What Type Of Oil Does a 2013 BMW 328i Need?

So now you know about your BMW’s engine oil capacity, and now you need to know about the right type of oil to use. Because your BMW engine is made according to a different standard that supports a certain type of oil. Not every type of oil can support the engine’s performance level and keep it lubricated.

BMW recommends using 5W-30 synthetic oil for the 2013 BMW 328i. This grade is best suited for your BMW’s engine and can last longer.

The 5W-30 grade simply means it stays thin in extreme cold and hot (both) weather. Which makes sure the engine is properly lubricated, protected & well-performed in every weather temperature.

And BMW always suggests using synthetic oil because it provides better efficiency & lasts longer compared to other oil types like conventional oil. You should never use conventional oil because it is low-processed oil, which can decrease your engine performance & longevity.

How Often Do You Need To Change The Oil On Your 2013 BMW 328i?

2013 bmw 328i oil capacity

Now you know the oil capacity & the right type of oil for your 2013 BMW 328i. Then the only thing you need to know is the oil changing interval on your car.

So, for the past years, you may be changing the oil according to your mechanic’s instructions. However, let’s know BMW’s recommended oil change interval. (also my recommendation)

BMW recommends changing the oil on your 2013 328i every 7,500-10,000 miles.

However, I would suggest you change the oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. Because everybody lives in different weather conditions and has different driving conditions/habits, it’s a good rule of thumb to change the oil at this mark. So, your engine doesn’t have to suffer at all.

Symptoms Of Needing Urgent Oil Change

If you notice any of these symptoms, then change the oil as soon as possible.

  • Oil Change Warning Light: Modern BMWs come with advanced technology, which indicates to you if your BMW needs an urgent oil change.
  • Discolored Oil: Dark brown or muddy oil instead of golden amber color oil.
  • Noises: Strange noises from the engine.
  • Burning smell: You will also notice a Bad burning smell from the engine.
  • Smoke: White smoke from the exhaust.
  • Reduced Performance: Poor engine performance & fuel economy.
  • Engine Overheating: The engine running without proper lubrication causes the engine to work much harder, which generates excessive heating in the engine.

How To Change Oil & Oil Filter On Your 2013 BMW 328i?

Now let’s get into the DIY oil-changing process. To do that you’ll need some parts & tools, so let’s gather them & let’s start the process.

Parts & Tools Needed:

  • SAE 5W-30 synthetic engine oil
  • Oil Filter kit
  • Oil filter wrench
  • 17mm socket wrench
  • jack & jack stands
  • Oil pan (10 ltr. capacity)
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Funnel

Before starting the process gather all the supplies & wear safety glasses and gloves, then start the DIY process.

  • First, lift your car with jack and jack stands.
  • Loose the oil fill cap & oil filter cap.
  • Under your vehicle locate the oil drain plug.
  • Open it with a 17mm socket wrench and let the oil drain into the drain pan.
  • Then open the oil filter cap & replace the oil filter with a new one.
  • After the replacement set the oil filter back and after the oil is drained, close the oil drain plug.
  • Then with a funnel carefully add new oil.

After adding the recommended amount of oil close the oil filler cap. Then check the oil level with the electronic dipstick through the iDrive dashboard.

After this dispose of the old oil into your nearby recycler or auto shop. I personally exchange my old oil into my auto shop, for discounted services, so that’s a win-win for me.


Now I am sure you know all about your 2013 BMW 328i oil capacity, type, and how to change the oil & oil filter. So, it is time to save up some labor charge money by DIY’ing the oil change yourself.

So, invest your 30-40 minutes and save up the cost. I hope you liked the information.


What is the engine capacity of BMW 328i 2013?

2013 BMW 328i base model of 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine has an oil capacity of 5.3 quarts and the 6-cylinder has 6.9 quarts of oil.

Is a 2013 BMW 328i fast?

The 2013 BMW 328i is very fast, with a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine it can produce around 240 horsepower.

Is the 2013 BMW 328i a good car?

Yes, the 2013 BMW 328i is a very reliable, fast, and very comfortable car. So, you could say it is a pretty good car.

Does the 2013 BMW 328i have a Turbo?

Yes, the 2013 BMW 328i has a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, that can produce approx 240 horsepower with 255 pound-feet of torque.

Does the BMW 328i last long?

Yes, with good maintenance, the BMW 328i could last very long. According to an unofficial survey, it could last about 200,000 to 250,000 miles without any major issues.

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